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17 Jan, 2018
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Managing your cash flow – understanding ‘Insolvency Indicators’ in your business. Cash flow is key to any business and while cash pays the bills, many business owners are unable to produce a cash flow statement - a statement recording incoming and outgoing cash amounts - to assist them in m...
4 Aug, 2016
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It’s a leap year, and the Olympic games have come around again. You’ve got to admire those athletes, and their commitment to excellence. So how can we apply that thinking to our business to become a ‘Gold Medal’ winner in our chosen field. You know you want to take your business to the elite...
29 Jun, 2016
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It’s the beginning of the new financial year, and a perfect time to check how your business is tracking.   There are 4 things you really need to do and questions to ask yourself.   Personal goals – make sure you take the time to reassess your personal goals. It’s important to mak...