Quick Reads Packed Full of Proven Strategies for Growing Your Business, Increasing Cash Flow & Profitability, While Working Less.

Creating Value – Even When Saying No To Clients

How can you make 'dumping' a client a positive experience AND create value? BEFORE you 'let go' of a client, you need to: Identify the market you want to dominate Profile your ideal client and the problems you are going to solve for them Classify your clients -...

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Simple … You MUST manage your Cash Flow

One of the most important lessons every tradie business has to learn, often painfully, is that cash really is king. I'm not talking about paper money - I'm talking about cash flow. In-flows of the real stuff. Simply put, it doesn't matter how much money is coming in...

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Building Your A-Team

As Mr T’s character out of the A-Team said so well all those years ago, “I pity the fool”. And he could well be speaking of business owners who try to do everything themselves without expert advice. We all need to be focused on building the right kind of support team...

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Contracts – Don’t put your Neck in a Choker Chain!

  There is a reason why it's not great to put a choker on your dog, cause it chokes them. However, equally not as great is your dog pulling your arm off to savage a small child if you can't control it. On a side by side analysis one can see the reasons behind the...

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